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D1 Project Management Plan. Guidelines to ensure an efficient management and control of the project.

D2 Risk Management Document. This document identifies, analyses, prevents and mitigates the risks detected over the project. Includes the Risk Management Plan and Risk Assesment Report

D3 Concept of operations and PNT requirements for operational scenario. GEODESY High level requirements

D4 Navigation solution requirements. GEODESY Low level operational and software requirements,of the navigation solution to be develop in the project.

D5 Navigation solution validation plan. Test Procedures and Test Plan for the validation actions to be conducted for validating the navigation solution.

D6 Integrity algorithms. Deliverable reporting the design and implementation of the “Integrity Module” for RPAS/UAVs.

D7 Navigation solution design justification file. Gathers the design information about the navigation solution, including: hardware, architecture, software design, interfaces, inputs/outputs, etc.

D8 Operation Safety case. Application of SORA methodology to the operational use cases considered in GEODESY

D9 Validation report. Gathers the Tests Reports and assessment of the conducted validation plan, collecting the information recorded during the trials, its performance and the verification of compliance with the requirements initially defined.

D10 Receiver guidelines. Guidelines describing the configuration and EGNSS functionalities required to fulfil the different SORA-related requirements for different GNSS-related environments.

D11 Business plan. This document includes the integration of the product in a commercial environment, the exploitation of GEODESY results and the identification of the added value and innovation that the project will provide to the European market.

D12 IPR-related documentation. This document gathers the intellectual property rights and the ownership of the new knowledge generated during the project.

D13 Dissemination Plan. The dissemination plan defines the way of working and the different activities that are planned to be executed in order to ensure the succesfull dissemination of the project.

D14 Dissemination Documents and Multimedia. Development of commercial material to spread the reached achievements among the European community and stakeholders