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You can find here some of the terms and acronyms that we use on this website. They will help you better understand the scope of the Geodesy project.

ATM / Air Traffic Management
BVLOS / Beyond Visual Line of Sight
CONOPS / CONcept of OPerationS
EASA / European Air Safety Agency
EGNOS / European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
GEODESY / Galileo Enhanced Operation Drone System
GNSS / Global Navigation Satellite System
GSA / European GNSS Agency.
GPS / Global Positioning System.
GLONASS / Global Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema
HAS / High Accuracy Service
INS / Inertial Navigation System
LOS / Line of sight
OSNMA / Open Service Navigaton Message Authentication
RPAS / Remotely Piloted Aerial System
SORA / Specific Operations Risk Assessment
SESAR / Single European Sky ATM Research
TRL / Technology Readyness Level
UAS / Unmanned Aerial System
UAV / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle